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Lioryte's Base OEM

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Hi there;

As you may or may not know I have been very busy lately, not being able to cook or provide much needed support for my ROMs :'(

I have decided, as a service to the i910 community, to release the heart of my base kitchen- my OEM file. (yes I know you are reading this NOW you can get it no need for plagiarism). It is for CF03 but once anyone gets the DC updated OEM folder, using any program like DiffMerge (Found HERE for FREE) you can see the changes I've made in every folder and decide if these changes are to your liking. Once I get in touch with WoZZer I'll see if it's OK by him to release the stock OEM for you guys.

The base OEM has TellMe and my themes in it. I would like to thank everyone, I won't be able to answer much questions as to the changes I've made but I strongly encourage to ask them there are some talented people here that have the answers so anyone can learn.

Also I'm attaching 2 cab files for ya guys- these are themes both should work (if I remember correctly :P)

black 2 will give you the default look of my ROM's

black gargoyle is the black gargoyle

My Base OEM

I hope someone will get a good use out of it...




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Hey Lioryte! Good to see you back on! Im pretty happy to see more and more chefs releasing more of the stuff they usually hold close to themselves lol. It's good to see! This will for sure come in handy for people trying to clean up there DC22 OEM's

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