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Dropbox for Android - Get an extra 250MB by signing up here!

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Sign up via here and get 2.25gb instead of 2 for free!

The person who you choose to support will also get 250mb!

YOU MUST install DropBox after registering or you will not get 250mb extra!

NEW! - Random Link Generator! (Thanks sooo much to Time Sheep)

Get a link!

Submitting a Link

Go to The Link Generator & enter your ID (the bit after: www.dropbox.com/referrals/ )

Then click on submit link.

For the sake of bumping up the thread please repost your links here (And in case the generator breaks)

If the generator has helped you please donate to Time Sheep here.

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i am stuck @ 2,5 GB :P How t. f. did you manage to get so many referrals, does spam help so much?

Let me try: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTYzNzYyMDI5


Just jumping on the bandwagon :D :


Im going to use my dropbox to archive all my ROMs. The android client is pretty sweet!

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Just signed up got my 2gb with extra 250mb for following guide, got the app and got it linked and working fine on my desire, defiantly recommended for additional storage on your phone, I loaded a compressed film on laptop into my drop box and was able to watch it on a open network at kfc on my phone!!! Isn't Technology great!!!

Only complaint i can add files to drop box from phone but cant delete them, complaints aside adds that extra bit storage to my phone, coming from an Omnia 16gb i miss my storage with the rubbish 4gb card as standard that came with desire.

Would love some help getting my free storage up to the GB limit as well, my referral link is: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTY4ODI2Mjk5 will post when at my max so other people can get benefit of help of other members.

Just a suggestion that everyone posts to say they got there max so other people can get a bit help to get to the 8gb free limit.

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I put your dropbox link in the first post now as I've got my 8GB!

Thanks mate! :P

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Updated with everybody's links in the first post!

Let's all get our 10GB! :P

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