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i5700 - problem with a2sd

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hey! i got some questions, since i've been trying a2sd on my i5700 the last few days, and found some trouble. let's start:

the rom i'm running is leshak's: http://forum.samdroid.net/threads/782-Samd...13135#post13135

the thing is (you can read the full story in the link) i already have the sd card partitioned into 15.5GB fat32 and 512MB ext2, and it will always mount /sdcard all right, but it never mounts /system/sd with the ext2 partition, so either i manually mount it after boot, or i dont have a2sd at all. i could link /data folders directly to /dev/block/mmcblk0p2/, but that does not seem a good idea, and i could do a script on /etc/init.d, but there should be a /etc/fstab equivalent on android, so thats another wasted idea.

i need any help on understanding why it is not mounting the partition, or how to do it. anyone?

thanks for your help!

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I have a similar problem

after setting up my apps th partition won't mount and i can not acsess any of the applications

not even market

can someone help me please !!

PS I have a HTC Legend

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