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Review on the Behold 2

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I do not take any credit for this. i got the review from http://reviews.cnet.com

First announced at CTIA Fall 2009, the Samsung Behold II is Samsung's second Android device for the U.S. market (the Samsung Moment being the first) and T-Mobile's fourth Android offering. Based on the Samsung Galaxy Lite, the Behold II tries to set itself apart from the crowd with a AMOLED display, Samsung's TouchWiz interface, and enhanced multimedia capabilities. The touch screen is certainly a stunner, multimedia performance is tops, and general performance is solid. However, the TouchWiz interface doesn't really add much to the user experience and in fact, at times, hinders it. Also, the smartphone runs Android 1.5, which makes its $229.99 street price really hard to swallow, considering that you can get the Motorola Droid with Android 2.0 for $199.99 from Verizon.

All that said, for T-Mobile customers looking for a more powerful multimedia smartphone than the carrier's current lineup of Android devices, the Samsung Behold II is probably your best choice. However, the high price tag is going to be the biggest barrier for getting the smartphone to reach the masses. The Samsung Behold II will be available starting November 18.


The Samsung Behold II isn't much of a sight to behold and it barely resembles the original Samsung Behold. It's not that it's ugly, rather just a bit plain. Like a number of the other Android devices out there, including the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and HTC Droid Eris, the Behold II features a candy bar design with smooth, rounded edges, but the clunky navigation array below the display takes away from the device's overall appeal. We much prefer the inconspicuous buttons and cleaner layout of the Droid Eris.

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