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G1 Going Mental

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Hi All,

My G1 is behaving very erratically. The alarm clock often fails to go off (but so has the alarm on every HTC phone I've owned in the last 8 years), but recently it's started re-sending old text messages silently. This morning for instance, it sent a text to my other half that I'd originally sent two weeks ago. When it boots, the clock won't advance, the calendar widget I have won't initialise, and the battery indicator says 0% despite being on charge all night.

I swore my Vario 3would be the last Windows Mobile I'd ever own, and I was hoping HTC's Android devices would be better. Unfortunately, after a year it seems this device is just as ropey as the others!

Any ideas on the random text/static clock issue? I'm thinking perhaps it's just built-in degradation, seeing as it's a year old now.

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i dont think it has anything to do wit it being a year old cuz i have my g1 for more then 3 years n im loving it more n more everyday.,

ok now lets look at ur problem., so first is ur g1 rooted? if so, which rom are u running? and if its not rooted which firmware are u on?

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Shapeshifter G3 M1 Jinno, Shinsoo 12 points, 11 Medal of the Dragon, 16, piercing strike, 35 critical hits, 22 hours left Cooper Magic. All skills are taught for 17 points as you can see. Lvl 80 biological activity as complete. Scarf (green plaid) hairstyle.

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