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B7610 ROMs: Experiment Series

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This ROM is Experimental and IS NOT FOR EVERYONE

If you answered YES to all below:

- Video Call to you is like the air you breathe

- You cannot live without Samsung Apps

- You are a Windows Mobile newbie

- You are NOT into Tweaking and Customizations

- You love Titanium

- You don't know where to get a Working Office Mobile App

- You need to send MMS

- You want a complete ROM

- You are busy




The ROM is not in line with my MEGAlites because it's lighter than megalite, and again, not for everyone

This ROM will be suited for heavy tweak-ers customize-rs, and those that rely and trust heavily on third party apps (freeware or paid) other than Samsung or WM apps.

The purpose of the ROM to see if in the absence of Samsung Customizations, can we still have a productive experience with just using 3RD party apps in our device.

The ROM includes OMarket, which will give you access to hundreds of free WinMo application via www.freewarepocketpc.net, to help you customize the ROM to your heart's content.

The ROM is stable enough for simple alarms, calls, sms, email and internet.

This ROM is for you if you say YES to all below

- You don't really need Video Call or MMS.

- You know how to MANUALLY configure your Network Provider's Internet Settings

- You are contented with simple SMS messaging, Email and Calls

- You are into HEAVY Tweaking and Customizations


- You have a large collection or source of 3RD PARTY APPS

- You got at least a week to test it.

About the ROMS:

- available in 6.5, 6.5.3, 6.5.5, 6.1 builds

- The size of the ROM is just 44-50+Mb

- It will give 380+Mb free Storage and 100+Mb free RAM

- Flashing time is 45-60 secs...Normal boot time is 20 secs

Programs in the ROM, if it is not listed, then it's GONE

- Standard WM Settings

- Email/Text

- Contacts

- Internet Explorer (Basic One)

- Calendar

- Pictures & Videos


- Calculator

- Notes

- File Explorer

- ActiveSync

- SIM Menu

- Search

New Cab for Samsung Camera will be provided so you can use the camera (later). You can also use Samsung Settings Cab to access hard coded settings. Though there's a possibility make a cab to enable video call and mms again, I will not be doing it soon.

I will not entertain questions or fix about other non working Samsung Applications you might install in this ROM, for this is again made to be a ROM for 3RD party apps. So install everything in this ROM; UI's, Apps, and Games, give it a week, and add your feedback and experience here.

Download Here:

I suggest not to use below. Just use Experiment 34 to 37, they are stable and bugs from 31-33 is fixed. Download links are available (scattered) in this thread :(




is available somewhere in the threads...current stable version is 34 and 35.....

36 is WM 6.1, 37 is 6.5

Edited by daskalos

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I am downloading the rom at this moment

I will test it exectly for one week

Will tell you my thirt programs,

what else?

Edited by laurenze88

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Nice project you got here! I will give it a try. I'm pretty content with your sense 6.5.3 but I will make a back up of my customizations so far and install your experiment!:(

And make it my experiment! :o

BTW It says : File description sense 6.5.3 v1.6 :o you might want to change that! :(

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dont forget about me bro im one of yourside (kaSPAMyan)

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This ROM is Experimental and IS NOT FOR EVERYONE

damn - i can say yes to all the yesses & no to all the nos - but I'd much prefer a 6.5.5 rom :(

do you have any plans to make an experimental 6.5.5 rom (or another megalite 6.5.5)? no begging, no pressuring, it's just that i'm about to reflash anyway & would kick myself if you came out with another experimental/light 6.5.5 just afterwards :(

Edited by santoo

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What is the CPU speed at this rom? Is it standard 800 Mhz or is it standard suppressed to a lower speed just like the standard samsung roms?

Thanx for this initiative. I think it's great that we can start with a clean rom.


When I want to close some screens with the "Ok" button the windowsdoes the following thing::

"Menu --> Settings --> Sounds & notifications" and press Ok, it changes to Notifications tab

"Menu --> Settings --> Personal --> Phone" and press Ok, it changes to Phone tab.

So the settings does not close. So I have to use : Menu --> Today

And I'm unable to setup my ISP internet connection (Vodafone NL) :S but I think that it is NOT the fault of your the rom :(

Without internet my phone is useless to me, so I'm going to replace my backup


What about Samsung security which will send sms notification to a filled in phone number when another SIM is inserted? Is it turned off when you use this rom? I'm asking this because it is still turned on after a samsung rom installed.


Reflashed experimental rom, after installing original rom with bad backup...

For using my ISP mobile internet I've to do the following for my internet:

Choose 'GPRS-verificatie' -> 'Vodafone live!' -> 'PAP'

Choose Vodafone Internet' -> 'PAP'

But I can't find this setting within connections :(

Somebody with Vodafone NL has succesfully installed his mobile internet with this rom?

Thanx in advance

Edited by Ariekanarie

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Yes. I tried a lot of ROMs, but this is GIGAlite is perfect :-) We only need a Camera cab. I am finaly satisfied with my Omnia since i install this experimental ROM. Thanks a lot Daskalos.

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Ok i tested it for a while now, and all in all its ok, but I'm not sure I'm experiencing some weird things!

Maybe its just because I have to many different things installed.

Sometimes the x button starts not to close anymore, and if I want to exit with the w&l button that I assigned to ok/exit its not working either! After that none of my hardware buttons work, and also the keyboard is not responding! I also cannot go back to the Today screen. Then sometimes my screen just turns black by itself and everything freezes.

I also had the issue that the virtual keyboard did not work.

I will reflash now and maybe not install so many things first!

And if it is possible I would also say that it would be great if you could make a cab for the camera. Its just weird to have that camera at the back, and not being able to use it!:(

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Does the camera app from the megalite thread work in this rom?

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unfortunately not! Well, I tried but it did not work for me!

Besides that, I really have to say this is a crazy Rom! In a good way!:(

I have tf3d 1.3 running and pretty much installed, and i have 290mb storage left and with tflo running still 74mb ram free! And i installed the samsung dialer!!!:(

It runs really fast und is even more usable for daily purposes as sense 2.5!

The Sense 2.5.cab does not want to get installed anymore, I don't know why! If anybody has a suggestion for me would be great! I wanted to test it with this Rom! Must be awesome!

Edited by cappuccina

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I tried this one, but i can't change the ringtone or the ring action (i really need vibrate and ring). This made me go back to your sense 2.5 rom :(

It would be great if you could integrate sense with a rom as light as this. I think it would be very fast :(

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Yeah, too bad i really can't change the ringtone. Didn't notice that till now!:( But vibrate and ring worked for me!

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Just lasted 1 day on this rom.. Couldn't help it. Just needed a few of the Samsung apps running

1) Camera - couldn't find a working 3rd party app

2) Smart Reader

3) Touch Player

Give me the working cabs for these, and I will be fine with this ROM.. :(

Thanks for the effort.

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Well you cannot change ringtone normally, but i managed to change it through reg edit :( Other than that and camera for now I am happy with it

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I dont care about the ringtone bug (because i only use the vibration, but if its posible to fix it, it would be fine), i love this rom, but i only miss the camera, so i hope that daskalos wil fix that for us.

I've also noticed that when im using opera my keys x and y only works when i have my capslock on ( X and Y), i think its because my csc release ( XENIK2) what version do i need to fix this?

Edited by laurenze88

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Hi daskalos, downloaded and ran this rom. Great, simply put.

I have one great find in this rom, may be you noticed or not, I replaced the the dialer skin/pad with one from armani and dialed a few times and guess what, cprog.exe is consuming only 2.74mb (screenshot attached). This simply is crazy, as this dialer would consume about 9.3mb. Can I present this as a challenge for you to reduce the footprint of oem dialer in regular megalites to this level? This would simply relieve about 6-7mb ram!

A small issue, I found os lagging at times, pagepool?

I would go for this rom wholeheartedly if it were 6.5.5 or 6.5.3!


Edited by 20x

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Also not working for me: The file "Camera" cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found ...

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File from older post did work after switching off the security etc. Even using the earlier backup restored camera functionality.

But can someone suggest a good FM radio alternative as the Samsung one will not run due to certificate issue?

Three days + and this rom is going on smooth with about 98mb free RAM :(

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