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Hey guys. Just wanted to check if anyone has any ideas on the price for an unlocked Evo. I just want to use it with different operators using their sim cards. Also, I saw on the Radioshack site that they are getting pre-orders for unactivated Evos. Now what do you mean by "Unactivated". Is it the same as unlocked / sim-free. Can I use a sim card in it outside the US???

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The EVO is a CDMA phone, not a GSM phone... so in a way it is in fact SIM-free, but in the sense that it does not use a SIM card, and is not capable of using a SIM card.

As far as I know, it is not a "Sprint World Phone" that has a hybrid CDMA/GSM (dual-standard) radio set.

The price without commitment is $499.99 at Radio Shack; I'm unsure what the price is as Best Buy or the Sprint stores, but I'm pretty sure the device will be network locked regardless.

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