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19/Aug - Streak 1.6 downloads / how-tos (ROM / Superboot / Recovery)

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I have a stock OEM UK Streak GAUSB1A110700-EU v 4399. Lots of good information about going to 2.2 via 2.1, which is great, but, looking at going back to 1.6, I can't see anywhere how to get back to anything except the O2 4399. Are the files in the OP sufficient for this, or are they O2-specific, and if so, are there any instructions out there for getting back to the stock OEM 1.6 4399 (00)? I read homeiss's guide and that's O2 as well I think.


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Well, I did manage to get back to OEM Android 1.6 v6767 GAUSB1A111100-EU but the only v4399 that I can find is baseband 21, which I don't want. If anyone has a way to go from OEM Android 1.6 v6767 GAUSB1A111100-EU to OEM Android 1.6 v4399 GAUSB1A110700-EU, I'd love to hear it!

An observation: when people say "stock ROM", "stock image" and so on, it seems they don't really mean "stock", they mean "O2" (baseband 21) which isn't what I'd call stock (baseband 00). Having read the confusion of many users, maybe it would be beter not to use misleading terms like "stock" and be far more precise instead (e.g. OEM Android 1.6 v6767 GAUSB1A111100-EU)?

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