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Aj. Cole

Adding my city to the weather on Omnia

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Hi Y'all.

I've been unable to get the WM6.5 OCK TouchFLO on the Omnia i900 to show my city on the weather page. It shows cities around me, but not mine, yet on the Home page it uses a weather location near me. I really love the Weather page for it's specifics and 5 day forecast and is why I want to add it to the main weather page.

Somewhere here I read to add my city to the file ChomeWeatherLocationDatabase.txt, and that entry looks like City Name = "Phitsanulok, TH" Location = "ASI|TH|TH044|PHITSANULOK" Country = "Thailand", but the weather page still doesn't find it in the selector of the settings.

How can I get my city to add and then update to this weather page?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. :)


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some places are not on the weather location list ,

if you will try to manulayy edit ,

then also , they will refer your weather to the nearest avaiable location .

it happened to me

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