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Moving from iTunes/iPod

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Hi all!

Bit of a in depth question here!

Finally got myself a smartphone, so am finally thinking of moving away from the whole iTunes ecosystem I've been using for the past five years or so. My basic requirement is to be able to recreate the exact iTunes experience I'm used to (basically smart playlists, metadata syncing including playcounts and last played). My phone is a Desire, so is Android based. Eventually I wish to uninstall iTunes altogether. Is this possible?

So far solutions I've thought about are:

1) Use doubleTwist which seems to sync playcounts but also seems to require iTunes.

2) Use MediaMonkey with the stock android player, and run iSyncr to deal with playcounts. Does MM connect to iSyncr?

3) "Outsource" playcounts to last.fm or similar. I believe there is a scrobbler app for Android which will keep track of music played and update last.fm. Can I set MM to use/update last.fm for playcounts/dates too?

I'll also need to somehow get my existing playcounts and dates into MM. Is this possible?

What do you all use for music sync? Does it handle playcounts/dates okay?

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