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[introduction] The best apps for blogging

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What is the best android base app for blogging on popular platforms (e.g blogger, both of Wordpress.com and wordpress on personal host, ...) ?

If it's paid so please mention the best of frees too. ;)


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Ok BTW I found somethings that introduce them for you :

1.The fuller app I think is CellSpin that costs $1.99 . a brief description:

CellSpin is a one click blogging application for capturing & publishing Video, Photos, Audio, and Text, to a collection of blogging and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, YouTube, Picasa, Linkedin, Flickr, Live Journal, Live Spaces, eBay, simultaneously.

2.For Wordpress only there is itself app has no cost : Wordpress for Android

3.For Blogger, I think best one is Blogaway. A brief description:

A blogger client for your Android powered phone.


* Google Apps for Domain support

* Bug Fixes

Supports pictures with posts, tags, geo-tags, links, video, multiple accounts, read blogs and comments.

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