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BoD World Tour Android App for HD2?

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My friend who has an Android phone (Moto Cliq on T-Mo USA) showed me this application she got called, World Tour. The developer is BoD, his website is here: http://www.jraf.org/android/ and the specific section for this application is here: http://jraf.org/code-latoureiffel/content.xml

What I'm wondering is if someone out there could port this application to Windows Mobile for the HD2.. I already e-mailed the developer and he said he is not planning on creating any applications for Windows Mobile, only Android :-(.

I am wondering if someone else will possibly try porting this app or creating a similar app for Windows Mobile?

If not, then does anyone know of any similar application for Windows Mobile that will load live webcam's (from different links, I even know a few of my own I'd like to use if possible) as your wallpaper (background)? And this application will also change the image every X minutes (my friend had her's set to 30 mins)...

Hope someone can help, thanks in adv.!

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