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Looking for the Right System for me

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Hello all,

Soon my phone contract is over. And I can pick a new phone.

I am looking for the 'perfect' phone for me. But I can't seem to find it. And thus I'm about to ask you guys. (the gurus)



I first had a HTC S710, I liked how it handled. But it was awfully slow. And I missed a lot of features in Windows Mobile.

Then I handled a Symbian (I think this was a Nokia E53 something) for a week. I hated the thing.. Almost threw it out. Could hardly find the config.

Now I have a G1 Android phone. Really like it. But its awfully slow and can't do all the things I really like to do.

First you'd need to know I have a LOT of trouble with not having a Full Keyboard.. (I can't handle the TouchScreen Keyboards nor can I handle the normal numeric keys)

Also, I dont care at all about TouchScreen.

The things I'd require are:

- SMS / Call ( I put this down as some people seem to forget this function ( Referring to the first release of the NEO Freerunner ) )

- Sync Calender w/ Google

- Sync Contacts w/ Google

- Email [ gmail && exchange ] ( I use Gmail and Personal Email and Exchange is setup by Uni )

- Bluetooth Audio ( I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-DS200 to listen music )

- Navigation System ( Can be something I'd have to buy with it. I have used Google Maps for this before, so it doesnt require to be high-tech or free. )

- IRC / MSN / Skype (I'd like to be able to go on IRC and MSN when I am on the road. Skype would be great. But not required)

- Easy Access to Various Puzzle Games.

- SSH Client

And now the hard part.

I'd like too: Run C, Ruby, Python Apps.

As I use on a daily basis (and I'd like to when I am on the road) to use

- Scapy (High Requirement, its a Python App I use when I am at Costumers.)

- r2 (Disassembler I use a lot for Malware Analyses, and I'd like to have it on me at all times for Quick Analyses, http://radare.org/)

- Metasploit (This one is just practical but its not required. Its a 'pure' Ruby app.)

I know this all is solved if I can run Linux or BSD on the system.

But, as far as I know.

- Windows Mobile devices can hardly run Linux

- BlackBerry Cant

- Android can, but as Hybrid Boot and that makes it really slow.

So, my question is. Does anyone know a good device for me?

Doesn't need to be state-of-the-art it just requires those functions. (and fit in my pocket of course :lol:)

I've had a look at the new Android Devices, some BlackBerrys etc but I really dont know.

Also, on a side note. How come both my HTC S710 and my G1 are dreadfully slow. I hardly installed anything on 'em just those apps above (for as far as I could)

Thanks in advance I really need help with this.



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