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Total Usable RAM = 325MB?

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Recently I bought myself a GS, and I noticed that the "Device Info" and "Android System Info" apps (from the Market) indicate that it has 325MB Total Usable RAM.

I would expect to see 512MB free here...

I'm new to Android, so maybe some amount of RAM is pre-allocated for system-use, but even then it would be nice to see some verification that indeed it has the amount of RAM installed as what is advertised.

Do you see another Total Usable RAM value or is this 325MB normal?

By the way... I have the 8GB model.



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The amount of free RAM will always be lower than expected with Android phones, as the radio allocates a chunk of the RAM to itself behind the scenes...

The kernel being used must also support HIGH MEM.

As a comparison, a Nexus One, running CM-5, using a kernel with high mem support, has access to 390MB of RAM. Further RAM can be utilised with softmods, bringing the total up to 411MB (or so, don't have device in front of me right now for exact figures).

Hopefully in time, once the SGS has further customized ROM's available for it, more RAM will be available.

Not really seeing much of a difference in use between the two yet, apps appear to stay in memory even after I've switched between a few others.

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