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B7610 Omnia Pro Collection Thread

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I fixed one pc, consideration for the work done vas one omnia B7610.

Poorer device does not exist in this world.

Days trying to get in reasonable working order but it can not it is powered by Microsoft one Samsung. It is unknown when and where it stops, freezes, etc. In my mind was always Windows is Windows but it is not so.

- SMS hangs

- GPS You Will Never Know What Is Working And What Isn't. Not fixable, no forum, no solution.

If they working, wokring if not then not.

- hw keyboard 3 sec. not fixable no forum no solution in this world

- most every day, twice or more reset,

because two or three programs, memory full, device not responsible

- htc device according to htc manager start with 24 mem

- samsung omnia with 36

- win.mo 6.5 is the not memory frendly

- win.mo 6.1 is better

PDA: BxxxxxII6

CSC: BxxxxxIJ3


Taken up to now;

- HTC Task Manager fully working

- HTC Htc Enlarged Start Menu (JUVS) fully working,in combination with HTC Task mgr, because it uses BootLauncher from tsk.mgr.

+ some reg.edit

- SJSamsungOmnia_Driver_D3D from i900, working to on b7610

- HTCEmu Calibrator inc. all DLL for

- iGO8 + TMC on comm port 8, = beemer_cert, +gfmapi 2.1 +beemer HyperGPS_WM6_NO_GFMAPI_V1.0

-libgles_cm.dll from xda boy`S

- everything from Samsung disabled, except for

alarm and lockscreen

But at all device working not!

It is unknown when and where it stops, freezes and more......

All customs ROMs are bugu (sory chiefs but for the B7610 it is true, win.mo_6.1, not interesting in the 6.5 + at all, Samsung genuine has a bug`s)

Theoretical nice replacement for slow`e Xperia X1, TYTN 2, Rhodium-htc touch pro 2

but device but device it is from samsung and microsoft

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