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market my download problems

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Hello :)

Then i had my hero with root, and used marketaccess to buy apps, i have buy the app tapatalk pro and now i have the x10 mini and now i cant use marketaccess to see paid apps, but on my downloads i can see the apps that i have buyed but the problem is with tapatalk pro the currect version is 1.6.7 but the version i can download is 1.3.2.....

How can it be that i can't download the currect version, i think tapatalk is the only with that problem....

Can someone help or ...????

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That's a bit weird. Maybe the newer version is tagged as only being for high resolution devices, or something? I'm not sure how the versioning works on the market..

Anyway, my solution to all Market woes is to use appbrain. They've added a web downloader app that lets you install apps from their website instead of going via the market. I'm not sure how it works when it comes to paid apps, but it's gotten me quite a few free apps that're inexplicably absent when I search on the market.

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