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Y5 Battery Saver

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I tried Y5 but found it didn't really seem to help (possibly the issue of not disabling wifi while in standby ... perhaps it assumes you're already have the disable wifi while screen is off option set). Also tried JuiceDefender (free version) as that too seemed to have useful features. But with both of these found that an almost fully charged battery would get emptied overnight - n.b. this used much more battery than would have been the case if I'd simply left wifi enabled overnight without Juicedefender running. However, one useful sideeffect is that I'm now using JuicePlotter to track battery useage which is helpful.

What I think would (for my usage) be most useful would be something that would work with the "disable wifi when screen off" option but would delay the wifi disabling while any data transfers were active. That way the 3G connection is also enabled so can handle the normal sync operations but for any large transfers (e.g. I used google listen and spotify which both download audio files over wifi) can be started when wifi is enabled and will continue until complete even if screen turns off. Anyone know if an app like this exists?

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While it doesn't do what I outlined in the previous post I've found something that helps me ... "In-App Wifi Toggle" - this allows a long press on the green Pulse button to toggle the wifi state - this way I can keep wifi off until I need it then can toggle it on without having to leave the current app ... then similarily can toggle it off again if no longer needed.

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