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Newbie to Android

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Hi all im new to the android scene used cooked roms on xda orbit (Windows mobile), also have jailbroken ipod as i love the extra range of apps you can find.

Well to my questions 1st Can you network unlock via rooting the lg? (stuck on o2 and use 2 sims 1 for work and 1 for home)

2nd Anyone got a simple guide to the whole rooting scene info i.e. what can be done and what to avoid etc

3rd Think of more soon only got the phone today so massive noob at present, head hurting from reading conflicting info lol


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Guess no one wants to help a newbie well after exhausted reading still not completely clued up

Do o2 lock this phone? some posts ive read say its unlocked on them but my orange sim aint working?

Also does the carephone warehouse open rom unlock phone or is that just wishfull thinking?

Also is there a way to check network lock via a code on the dialler etc i.e. secret menu?


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if the phone is not locked it will state, not personalised

I'm still looking for a rooting guide, after I destroyed my first gt540

Hi thanks ive never seen the words not personalised so guess it is locked, when i checked the select network menu orange is greyed out and vodafone. But t-mobile and o2 settings are chooseable so guess it would work on them.

How did you destroy your first gt540 doesnt the rooting guides l around work? I wil be rooting soon once i undestand the full details of what it does and every step in detail. thx

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