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MCR r8 development archive

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Thanks Grobie. I was able to download the Super Circle battery mod from the link you provided - http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...colour-version/

I have installed it and it seems to be working fine.

I also tried getting the Smooth Sense Icons working on my Desire. However, I can't seem to find one that has the Version C of Super Circle too. My skill levels are not sufficient to create a version that has both in it; I tried and failed. Thank goodness for Nandroid!

Moreover the Smooth Sense icons seem to still have the problem with wiping off the APNs. Hence, for now I am avoiding it.

This does seem to be quite a popular request, maybe for the next release i'll put it in as an off-by-default option.


Paul, yes that would be great please. Also, if you could be kind enough to include a working version of the smooth sense icons too, it would be an added bonus!



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for r9 wip

would it be possible to have a default profile for the default shell (sh / ash)


- working arrow keys (the most important, they do work in bash, and therefor history also works)


- alias ll='ls -l'

- alias la='ls -a'


root (su) / nonroot prompt ([email protected] not only # vs $)


To get the colours, you probably want

alias ll='ls -l --color=auto'

alias ls='ls --color=auto'


How about bash as the default shell rather than sh?

But yes, the lack of arrow keys is the killer.

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This topic is available for archive / reference purposes.

MCR r8 has now been released in both kitchen and prebake and is available in this topic!

MCR r9 will be in development shortly in a new topic. :huh:


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