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HTC Sync - won't work anymore

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I just installed a Custom ROM (MoDaCo 2.2 core ) on my HTC Hero. phone works fine, but when I connect to computer HTC Sync doesn't see it anymore and will not restore my contacts. It mounts as a drive fine, just no sync options. I have HTC Sync 2.02 which I got from a link on this site and previously had 2.033 with the same problem.

I have Windows 7 x64 and Outlook 2007 x64

Any help?

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Hi there

Same thing happened to me today but with Modaco Hero 2.1 R5

Not sure what to do about it either

I have uninstalled Sync and reinstalled a number of times but still the same - Just seems to not sense its there and make a connection...

Running XP pro SP3

Anyone got any ideas


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