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RUU - %TEMP% - is it a workaround?

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Hi people~!

I start to learn to cook ROM because newly purchased a Wildfire and annoyed by the Peep and Tweet and Plurp thingies.

Current root guide from Paul did not work for me because mind's a 1.15 ROM.

Anyway, I download the Kitchen from xda-developer forum and the tutorial mentioned about running the RUU and go %TEMP% to see the extracted files of the ROM. (got it from shipped-ROMdotcom)

I think the install wizard will make use of the temp extraction to flash the ROM into the phone.

Is it possible that we got the rom.zip and play around with it and make it into a custom ROM (assuming the version number matches the original) and put it back in place where I found the ROM.zip?

Will the installer be fooled this way so custom ROM will be flashed? or it's just a dumb idea?

(if it is a stupid idea, please tell me the reason. i wanna learn more...)


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