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android market no SD

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I've just got myself a x10 mini pro 2nd hand. It came without the microSD I think the chav I bought it from kept it for her nokia.

While I wait for my new one to arrive I've tried installing some apps from the market (ebuddy, facebook and some other stuff I wouldnt expect to use usb storage)

Trouble is nothing is downloading its just stuck on starting download.

I've tried clearing download manager and market cache. Tried over 3g and wifi.

Am I being stoopid here thinking it will work without a USB storage device?

PS really liking this phone. Just downsized from a dell streak :)

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Hmm got an 8gb card in and still no joy with the market :huh:


apps do not install on the sd card it is installed on device memory, you can try to open google talk sometimes it helps, and the past days the market sucks many have problems

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