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remove the screen protective hard coat

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hello to all,

I had a small incident during some home repair work where I didn't realize that I had adhesive on the fingers when I answered the tel. After that I found traces of adhesive on the screen as one can see on the photo. I did not remember if I had placed a screen protector on my toshiba at the beginning or not. Then To check it I tried to remove it with the nail to take off an edge, and an end is actually detached, except that it does not look like a screen protector, but a kind of plastic layer semi-rigid which has the thickness of a protective film! It looks like a protective hard coat which comes with the phone but is not supposed to be removed.

I am afraid now to pull it off and damage my screen even more. Then I would like to know if somebody already experienced this problem and could remove this protective layer.

If so please share your experience. I may not be the only one with this issue.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor English.


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thank you my friend for your kind reply.

I tried to search for a replacement screen but I could not find a good link for explanation to how to replace it myself. If you know any good link please let me know.

Thanks again

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