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TrueCaller 1.60 with Facebook!

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Hi guys,

We have just released TrueCaller 1.60 for Windows mobile:

The functionality of TrueCaller is the following:

New Features:

-Facebook feature letting you see the latest status message and profile picture of your friends when they call

-Automatically matches your phonebook contacts with your facebook friends

-Improved Update phonebook functionality

-Completely rewritten, does not require .Net 3.5 any more


See who's calling before answering with this Caller ID!

-Display name and address of calls from numbers you don't recognize

-Display country and region of calls from numbers you don't recognize

-Be notified of spam callers

-Update all contacts in your phonebook with address information

-Tweet your calls on Twitter

-Save caller to contact

-Display address on map

Facebook functionality works all over the world.

Caller ID is available in the following countries:













-United States´

*14 days trial in Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, USA*

*Free in the rest of the world*

*Requires 3G or WIFI*

*Available for download on the Windows Marketplace or at http://get.truecaller.com/?p=downloa...pro_6_1&mid=72 *

*Just to be clear, the only functionality that is country limited is the Caller ID. The facebook, twitter, call filter/blocking works worldwide!*

So what do you guys think? :D






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