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Tips To increase Free RAM (Tested)

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here is a summery of some tips to increase free RAM

I can Get 100 ~ 93 MB of free RAM after Doing these hacks

use Total Commander its free http://www.ghisler.com/pocketpc.htm

if some one can apply those hacks to a cab file it will be great

1-Disable Samsung Dialer :


"Enabled"=dword:1, you should change to 0 and reboot


2-disable wm 6.5 lockscreen:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\LockScreen\Enable = 0


3-performance :


Change ProgramMem from 17 to 96



change limit from 32768 to 16384

change limit0 from 7328 to 24576


change cbLow from 1536000 to 32768

change cbVlow from 131072 to 32768

change cpLow from 375 to 16

change cpVlow from 64 to 16


4-Disable menu animations

To disable menu animations (sliding in/out) and speed up performance of the UI a bit:

HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\AniType = 0 (DWORD decimal)

To change it back to the default:

HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\AniType = 6 (DWORD decimal)

disable window animations (minimizing/maximizing) and speed up performance of the UI a bit:

HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Animate = 0 (DWORD decimal)

And to switch them back on:

HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Animate = 1 (DWORD decimal)


5-Enable FileSystem cache

To enable the FileSystem :cache, speeding up overall performance at the risk of the cache not being written on a sudden reset:

HKLM\System\StorageManager\FATFS\EnableCache = 1 (DWORD decimal)

To disable again:

HKLM\System\StorageManager\FATFS\EnableCache = 0 (DWORD decimal)

Note that by default, the cache size is zero, and you will see no effect.

increase the file system cache:

HKLM\System\StorageManager\FATFS\CacheSize = 4096 (DWORD decimal)

To return the file system cache to zero:

HKLM\System\StorageManager\FATFS\CacheSize = 0 (DWORD decimal)


6-Increase FileSystem filter cache

To enable the file system filter cache, speeding up overall performance with file mangement:

HKLM\System\StorageManager\Filters\fsreplxfilt\ReplStoreCacheSize = 4096 (DWORD decimal)


7-Empty Startup Folder

go to /windows/startup/

delete all shortcuts they are useless

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