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Installing recovery image help

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I have been trying to install a recovery image on my hero so i can install roms but i've been running into problems. I tried to install by the way of How To Root Your HTC Hero in One Click! on www.unlockr.com but without any success. So i downloaded a program callied Universal Androot and rooted the phone that way and then installed an app callied rom manager and installed the recovery image via that. In the rom manager menu i click on reboot to recovery and my phone restarts and goes into the recovery menu as on the pic below.


But for some reason when i boot out of the recovery menu and try to go back in by the way of rom manager or by pressing the power and home button i get the following pic below.


Do you know the reason why as i'm stumped.

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You definately rooted? I seem to remember getting a similar screen, if not that one, just after HTC returned my Hero.

Install Root Explorer from the market and see if it will allow you to reboot the phone. You can do a second check installing Root Explorer and seeing if it will allow you to mount the root folder on you phone to Read/Write (click on the 'Mount R/W' button at the top of the screen).

A final alternative method to check is to install Titanium Backup and opening it. Upon opening the app it will ask for Root access or tell you that it is unable to access root.

Not sure if this is the issue, as you are getting the recovery screen, so should have root, but there may be some way of producing this that I'm not aware of.

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