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Anyone heard of "Hardlock" on Android Phones?

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Hello friends,

Recently I bought a HTC hero locked to 3 UK in white color from ebay. I then bought an unlocking code for it from ebay again as the phone is for my friend in India.

I had a few problems with the unlocking seller and I left him a negative feedback last night. He has now replied threatening me that I have 24 hrs to remove the feedback or he will, and I quote, "HARDLOCK" my phone forever. The phone will become unusable completely according to him.

Now I work for Orange UK customer services myself and I do understand "BLACKLISTING" and would like to confirm from you guys that if this is what he is threatening me with or there is another way to "HARDLOCK" Android phones which make them unusable. Obviously he has my IMEI no. which I had to give him to generate the unlocking code.

The seller is also a registered USA seller and that makes me think that if there is something else called "HARDLOCK" as not sure how will he manage to blacklist my phone from USA. And if it is the blacklisting he is on about then I suppose I don't have anything to worry as the phone is going to be used in India anyway.

I have reported the emails under harrasment to ebay already and will be reporting it to police as well.

Please someone shed some light on this and thanks in advance :-)

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