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Using Wireless Manager to turn Phone off = chaos

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I attempted to turn the phone off using the Wireless Manager app. When I do that, the Omnia plays the expected "phone off" sound, then 1-2 seconds later plays that sound again as it cycles the phone back on. It repeats that cycle many times until I press the button again at just the right moment to break the cycle and turn the phone on.

Today, I could not interrupt the cycle, so I turned the Omnia off, and now the phone side is completely hosed. The Wireless Manager will not even start up. When the Omnia is powered on, you can hear the on/off sound played many times before the today screen comes up. When it comes up, the Ev indicator is on, implying a good connection, but there is no internet connectivity. Also, the phone dialer does not work (comes up but stays at "Dialing" after I press send). The phone does not receive calls. Most non-internet PDA functions work.

This happened to me a few months ago on a WareMike ROM, and again today on a Lioryte ROM (DC22 23128). [edited to correct that original ROM was WareMike not BlazingWolf]

Last time this happened, a hard reset did not fix the phone problem. I re-flashed to a Verizon standard ROM (which I think flashes both the phone and pda sides), and then *228, and I was back in business, and I flashed the newer Lioryte ROM which was stable till today.

Has anyone else seen this? Am I the only one who needs to turn the phone off? Surely someone else has done this while flying, etc., yet when I searched I didn't see any similar trouble reports. So why me? Hardware problem? I don't think I use unusual software. Oh, naturally, the phone is out of warranty.

Does anyone know how to reinitialize the phone side without reflashing a Verizon ROM?

Thanks for any ideas.

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Not familiar with this issue, in 2+ years with the i910 I never had this issue nor heard of anything similar.

What app are you using for communications? The default windows? Try a hard reset it SHOULD fix the issue, just make sure you hard reset not soft reset. Sounds like some app is causing it. IDK how to fix this I spent some time turning the phone on/off but could not duplicate the issue. Sorry

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Thanks for your help, Lioryte. While I am a new poster, I read a ton and this does seem to be a rare problem. Good news is I've made progress; bad news is I don't know how.

I'm using the default communications manager that was in your ROM (Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Wireless Manager). It's the one that looks just like WM5 and older with three horizontal bars to toggle Wifi, Bluetooth, and Phone. There's a 4th bar to toggle all for "airplane" mode. I didn't add any software that's not basic and very widely used: Java, Opera Mini (java and native), Google Maps, Total Commander, Netflix, TCPMP, Midomi, Adobe Reader, CHomeEditor. I think that's it. I have done no registry tweaks or other hacking.

Last time this happened, a hard reset did not cure the problem. I am sure I did a hard reset -- all PDA software and settings were lost and I reformatted My Storage at the same time. I had to flash to a Verizon ROM, then do "initial programming" (*228) to recover.

Anyway, I spent all afternoon today togging the radio button, and soft resetting, and attempting phone calls. Eventually, a soft reset ran normally and I got the radio to work again.

I will take up this issue again because I have to be able to turn the phone off. But I will do it when I have time for the re-flash if it becomes necessary. This weekend I am counting on using the phone more than most weekends.

Thanks again.

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Just an update in case anyone has any ideas...

Today suddenly phone started turning itself on. Wi-fi was on and I couldn't turn it off, so I started poking at this problem again.

Did a hard reset while on 23128 Lioryte ROM. Still can't turn phone (radio) off.

Re-flashed Verizon/Samsung official DF14. Can't turn phone off.

Did a hard reset again while on official DF14 ROM. No joy.

Flashed to Lioryte 23134. Did nothing else -- no sashimi, nothing. Can't turn phone off.

Probably a hardware problem. Bummer because this is a company phone, out of warranty, and don't know if I can get a replacement that is as hackable. They might stick me with a (gasp) Blackberry.

Thanks for any ideas.

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