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Contacts/Calendar showing up in MyPhone not in Windows Live

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Hi all,

Haven't been around lately as I had my phone working pretty well so didn't see the need to flash any new ROMs. Anyways, today I found a glitch and I'm hoping someone here can point out what the problem is.

I have been using Microsoft MyPhone to sync contacts, calendar, photos, text messages and tasks between my Omnia i910 and the cloud. As you cannot bulk add appointments, and I don't use Office, I found a page online where someone was saying they use Windows Live to be able to add bulk appointments, update the phone using Windows Live, and then update the phone using MyPhone to get the appointments into MyPhone as well. Because of that, I installed Windows Live on the phone too. Then I did a soft reset.

When I check the account information on both MyPhone and Windows Live they are the same email address (my profile name). The maddening thing is that the appointments are NOT showing up on the Windows Live website, but they're there on the MyPhone website. I'm using the same profile login information for both websites:

Microsoft MyPhone and Windows Live!

As a side note, when I go into the Windows Live client on my phone and then check the About screen, it tells me the following components are installed: Hotmail, Messenger, Search, Contacts and Windows Live Home. For whatever reason it doesn't see the MyPhone client, which I have been using all along.

Anyone else run into this problem? If so, were you able to fix it? Using custom ROM, which is listed in my .sig

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