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[ROM][WWE] CleanEX OzROM V5.00 WM6.5.5 24627 [Android/TMOUS Friendly] FOR HTC HD2 & T MOBILE HD2

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Rom by the_scotsman

For HTC HD2 and T-Mobile HD2

More Images"

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* Latest WM6.5.5 build 24627

* CleanEX Tweaked Base with 576MB (ROM is TMOUS 1024MB Compatible)

* Cookie's Home Tab (Amazing mod thanks to CookieMonster)

* CHTEditor (Again, amazing work thanks to johncmolyneux)

* CleanDROID boot loader (Thanks jo!)

* Manila 2018

* CleanEX "All Apps Rotation"

* Chainfire 3D patch

* Gorgeous start menu icons from dinik!

* Swype (fantastic keyboard!)

* Opera 9.7

* Ameba

* 12 Button Action Screen on Long Press End Key

* ArkSwitch (brilliant task manager!

* Microsoft Facebook (new version)

* Youtube

* Google Maps v4.1

* Office 2010

* TorchButton

* HTC Task Manager

* BSB Tweaks

* Registry Editor

* PIM Backup

* WiFi Toggle

* Bluetooth Toggle

* Soft-Reset button (in start menu)

* + others


* Windows Live Messenger

* Sample Music

* Themes

* Some others

[Current known issues]



While I have tested this ROM extensively, you use this ROM at your own risk, and I take no responsibility for any damage caused to your device.



Format LEO = Task29 provided




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thanks for teach :lol: how to check my phone SPL version and how to flash rom ? thanks...i'm htc newbie

sorry for my bad english...

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check phone SPL version

Restart LEO and volume down

flash rom

- HD2 Sync PC


- Restart LEO and volume down

- run Task29 provided by doloop (copy C on PC)

- volume down

- copy CustomRUU.exe to Rom folder

- Run ustomRUU.exe

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