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Best value Omnia replacement? WinMO? Android? Opinions please!

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Hey Guys,

As the title suggests, my i910 recently died for good. I had flashed to Lyriotes (sp?) WinMO 6.5 build 28223. I liked it but always thought it could be a little faster with a better touch screen. The LG Fathom seems to be just that! Has anyone had any experience with those? They are expensive but impressive hardware. How are the for flashing? Also love the slide out keyboard!

How about droid phones? Theres more options now and Im not clear on what they all offer. I've used an LG Ally and love the keyboard but the processor / ram is a little weak.. phone gets really slow sometimes. Also the OS is very restrictive. How hard is it to flash / unlock android phones and how vast is the open source support?

I've heard the Omnia 2 is kind of a flop ...

Thoughts? Opinions? PLEASE only comment if you have personally used or owned these phones!


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Omnia 2 is an excellent device I've been happy with mine for a year now and I'm still on the ROM it came with, but I certainly would not buy a Windows Mobile device at the moment as Windows Phone 7 due to be released. When that happens it will be on my list of must have devices.

As for Android, HTC Desire is one to consider but have a look at the Android section on MoDaCo but as you are suggesting you do not want to spend too much, anything you buy on a budget will be technically dated and slow in comparison.

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well wp7 will be my choice at this time as sir said ,

well android platform is also for a lower cost if you like android ,

it has more apps i think ,

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