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Charging Samsung OmniaPro

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I have a Samsung B7610 and today I encountered a weird problem with charging.

The battery doesn't hold too good, if I call a few times a day and play a game on it then the phone's battery is almost dead at the end of the second day, maybe the battery is faulty, someone maybe could confirm that, but the real problem is different.

Using a NOKIA charger (the fat round one) and using adapters (from the fat one to the thin one, then from the thin one to micro-usb) I tried to charge my phone and it didn't charge.

I tried to use another NOKIA charger (the thin one) and then to the a adapter (from the thin one to micro-usb) and also didn't charge.

Then I tried (hopelessly) a NOKIA car charger with the same adapters and nothing...

So the problem should have been in adapters, but wasn't, because I tried to charge NOKIA with micro-usb slot and it did charge.

Can anyone confirm that samsung requires (or NOKIA requires) special charging cycles?

And maybe a solution to this problem? :P

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Why are you not using the correct Samsung charger? the chargers you have tried may not be compatible as they may be of a lower rating.

You must have the correct rated charger.

Have you tried charging when connected to the PC?

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I tried the original charger, that works, but it's just that I have a lot of NOKIA chargers elsewhere.

Both SAMSUNG and NOKIA have 3.7V batteries, but it could be that chargers have different voltages.

A solution to this problem would be to add a small circuit of a capacitor and a voltage regulator, but if it really is the problem, then I don't think I should do it, maybe later, after OmniaPro will start to bore me :P

Will check voltages later.


Very weird, the first thing is that NOKIA uses 6 or 6.8 volts to charge, but SAMSUNG uses 4.7V to charge, at the end I was able to charge from anything.

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well i must suggest not to use the other charges which are not correctly rated for our specific phone , as many things are different ,

and in the long run it may harm the battery and device also .

there are universal chargers available in the market where you can set the different volts and amps for the charging ,

and if you want to use the nokia chargers you must open and calculate the components volts and amps for correct rating

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