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Android GMail App Update...but there is a catch!

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Google have just released an update to the GMail app. This means GMail updates are not tied to Android version releases. The updated app is available in the market, and should mean future updates are available faster as you will not need to wait for a system update.

So I mentioned a catch....


Updates include:- Message replies, access to quoted text and more...

The big ones for me are:- Important message actions stick to top of screen as you scroll through the message and the "Show quoted text" option which allows you to show or hide the previous message.

Support for Priority inbox is also not available, albeit limited support.

Oh and yes the catch. This update is only available to Froyo (Android 2.2), which is only about 30% of the Android devices out there (I read this somewhere and will confirm).


Download the app now from Android Market or scan the below barcode:-


[source: Google Mobile Blog]

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Oh..when will they add the copy\paste support?? :/ It's so essential!
Uhm, it does since at least one or two versions ago. :) Menu -> More -> Select text.

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