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JWMD Armids 1.0a for Windows Mobile 6.5/6.5.x

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JWMD Armids 1.0a

Ever want to change the number of columns in your Windows Mobile 6.5/x Start Menu without doing a lot of hardwork? Here's another tool to do the job for you.

Armids can change your the number of columns in your Windows Mobile 6.5/6.5.x Start Menu or Edit the Start Menu Item look or even change the Selection Background image!


Watch the videos here:


Armids supports the ff resolutions:

  • QVGA
  • SqVGA
  • VGA
  • WVGA
    • Change the number of columns
      • Portrait
      • Landscape not yet implemented

      • Manually edit the how item look
        • Edit icon position not yet implemented
        • Edit text position not yet implemented

        [*]Change Selection background not yet implemented

        [*]Restor original GridScene file from custom ROM or Original Firmware

        [*]- Backup occurs upon first use of the application.


      Using Armids

      Please make sure that your device is currently in Portrait mode.


      [*]No effect after reset

      [*]You ROM uses custom GridScene that was setup in registry. I have not yet got any answer on Chefs thread about setting this up. So if you have any idea, please share.

      [*]This registry key has something to do with it "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Shell\StartMenu] "CustomGridForm"="StartMenuCust"


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