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[ROM-KITCHEN]"PPC_SHIFTPDA" 29007 Multilang WP7S & DROIDS (18.Feb)

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PPC-SHIFTPDA" 29007 Multilang WP7S & DROIDS FINAL (18.feb.11)


change Language WWE, TUR, FRA, GER. build 29007 & 21916. WP7s, Android lock, trans icon..




- No titanium - CE OS multibuild - Base ROM: 3.14 - Based on WM 6.5.X (Lower Icons) - Opera 9.7.36032 - Activated 576 MB RAM - No Radio Included (use your own)

Added in ROM

- CHT 2.0 Final

- Android lock

- WP7S taskbar

- NET Framework 3.5

- Enhanced ComManager

- FlashLight

Applications in ROM

- CSMI - EBL 2.0 Android - Pim BackUp - Flash Light- XdaShutDown - Synchro Time - PHM Registry - Whip2Snap - HTC Album - Audiobooster - Windows Media - Task Manager - Games: Bubble Breaker, Solitaire and Teeter - Calculator - Sim Manager - Camera - FM Radio - Internet sharing - Longpress endkey - Office Mobile - Opera Internet Browser - QuickGPS

Features and Testings

- Office Mobile applications: Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, SharePoint Workspace Mobile, OneNote Mobile and Excel Mobile with new Icons

- Flash Light is included. Helps control camera LED Flash.

- Owner Information is added in Personal List of shortcuts.

- GPS was tried using Garmin XT and iGO 8, both worked perfectly with fast signal detection (10 sec.)

- Bluetooth Version 1.9.3 Build 1000 worked smoothly sending and receiving.

- Phone Canvas: No slide cover.

- Messages Tab: Updated HTC Messages Version 1.8 (Build Build 2018.3727) with “Secure Box”. Threaded Layout of HTC messaging is the


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