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No Mobile Network access

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FIXED.... Vodafone have two options prepay and contract APN settings. Select the APN particular to the way you pay Vodafone. I had mine set at pp.vodafone.co.uk and it should have been wap.vodafone.co.uk



I'm really struggling with this one. Checked my APN and it is pp.vodafone.co.uk but still get "connection failed due to incorrect APN setting"

I have a Unlocked HTC Hero (ex T-Mobile) on Vodafone monthly sim with 500mb mobile internet (0% usage Sep and Oct). All works well except I can't use mobile internet (unable to get bbc.co.uk or do emails for instance).

WiFi works no problem and I can make calls. Any ideas please?

Firmware version

2.1 update 1

Baseband Version

Kernel Version


Build number

3.32.405.1 CL191507

Software number

Modaco Custom ROM r5 for the HTC Hero

Browser Version

Webkit 3.1

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