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First wishes

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I wish the phone did what they (microsoft and orange) say it does

(see bug lists)

next i would like a way to change the program order easily

then i would like a file explorer that dosnt need gprs EVERY time you use it for the first 30 days then not work at all

It would be nice to be able to find out what progs are currently running at any time (theres no task manager or ctrl+alt+del keys)

a real manual that describes things correctly and in greater detail is essential

then i would like the shops selling it to stop lying about availability and stock levels (cpw and orange shops saying it isnt out yet when they have run out, and saying they checked on the computer and no other shops have it, when you know they have, so you have to phone every local branch till you either get somone who dosnt lie, or a shop with one in)

(one CPW told me it wasnt out for another 2 weeks when my friend bought one from them that morning and i wanted one too)

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You realise the file explorer activation is free? I went through the manual activation today, no problems at all!

I agree about stock levels, but it's always the same with every new handset...



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