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how to install custom recovery?

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ok so im trying to instal a custom recovery image but i cant get it to work for the life of me!

ive tried using flashrec but it just comes up flash failed

ive tried using adb but when i type

adb shell

#mount -a

i get "cant read /etc/fstab no such file or directory"

if i type

adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

i get "flash_image: not found"

how can this be so hard? i flashed a custom recovery a few weeks ago using adb and it worked perfect so what am i doing wrong?

im rooted and using pauls latest rom

edit* just to add, when im on the main home screen i can only connect to my phone when its in "htc sync" mode. when im in recovery adb just says "device not found"

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what about this?

EDIT: i always had troubles with adb, so i avoid it...

thanks, tried it but still getting the same result. gonna try re flashing/wiping my phone now and see what happens. if it dont work i think ill just bounce it off the nearest wall lol

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