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How to force HTC sync to do full transfer of Outlook Contacts & Calendar

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I'm running an unrooted Hero (but with Universal Androot for making little tweaks if necessary) on 2.1 and came across the dreaded "low disk space" preventing me from installing/updating apps.

To temporarily clear some space I cleared caches/data for contacts & calendar, which I'm sure I have done before as suggested somewhere for this purpose, but this time when I connected to my PC and HTC sync ran the only entries that were copied across was anything that had been changed since the last sync, not the entire calendar/contacts.

Is there a way to force HTC Sync to copy everything, perhaps by somehow changing the last sync date that it checks to? It is the latest HTC Sync v3.


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Sorry, didn't read that before, perhaps you have already sorted it out, but if not: there's actually an option called Repair or something like that, it copies everything from the pc/the phone to the phone/the pc, deleting everything on the receiving part and then doing a full copy from the other part.

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