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Which is faster/better? Pulse or Pulse Mini?

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I am speaking purely in terms of processor/GPU speed and the end result as it shows on screen. I am asking because checking on pdadb.net it is actually harder to draw direct comparison. Pulse has better resolutions and looks better built, but Mini seems to be a 'newer' device and has a 'newer' CPU but clocked at the same speed. Mini has more RAM and ROM and comes with 2.1 out of the box, whereas Pulse has tiny RAM and ROM and its official 2.1 update is still buggy.

So, from anyone who knows directly: Which is 'snappier' on day to day to use? Has the Mini been overclocked like Pulse has been?

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as a mini user, i would go after big pulse atm. small screen = no fun. at all.

Forget those completley. Go with the Orange San Frasico/ ZTE Blade. it's got a 3.5" OLED Multi-touch and is brilliant, £99 On PAYG. Beats both pulses and already has a working FroYo Port.

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