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I've got a Samsung Omnia 7, which I'm liking a lot.

On thing that's a little peculiar is the homepage in IE. I'm not sure it's technically a homepage, as IE doesn't automatically load it when you start it, but hitting the search button loads up http://www.t-mobile-favourites.co.uk/, which I'd readlly rather it didn't.

I'd also really like to get rid of the T-mobile splash screen on starting the device, but I guess that's not going to be easy.

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Splash screen for now is not possible to remove.

With web pages once I close everything down just a blank page appears until I select a page to go to.

using the search though I get the Bing page whic I thought you should do as well, looks like Tmob have made an agreement with MS over that one. Again for the moment though it's not possible to change this at the moment as far as I am aware.

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