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Getting rid of T Mobile apps without flashing!

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So I couldn't flash my T-Mobile Pulse Mini, and the reason why I wanted to is to remove the built in Apps and the game demo's. So I came about a way without having to do anything with ROMs. Will cost you 63p though as I bought an app to do something... Bit different to my guide on getting rid of Orange Apps on the San Francisco.

Get z4root, and use that, as Universal Androot didn't work for me.

Then download and install Busy Box from the market or link below.

Then get SystemApp Remover by Danesh from the market (This cost 63p, theres prob a free one but I choose this and it worked)

Then go to SystemApp Remover and delete the unwanted apps they uninstall and it saves memory on the phone!

Root phone with z4root, then delete with SystemApp Remover.


I recommend this to anyone who doesnt understand ROMs, flashing and those kind of things and anyone who wants to de-brand it from T-Mobile.

I've put it up on my blog as well with links to files and the applications, please visit...


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thankyou so much, it was much easier than the guides on root that i have previously read. cant believe how easy it was to do B)

You're welcome, I did the guide for the ZTE Blade as well, my partner got this phone and I saw there wasn't an easy guide and a few things needed to change from my other guide so thought id post it :)

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Thanks xeyaztian so much for this information.

z4root is no longer in the Marketplace, but I downloaded it from droidhut.webs.com by clicking on root/unroot then following the simple on-screen instructions.

Everything went v smoothly.

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