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New pulse mini, soft keys not working? (hardware prob?)

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Hi, I've just taken delivery of a brand new Pulse mini and tried to set it up. The touch sensitive home, menu and back keys simply do not work. If I stab to the right of the back key several times, it occasionally goes back. I've only had the home key working once in 100 presses and the menu key has never worked.

I take it this is a DOA hardware failure? There's nothing I can do software wise?

This is a bit of a pain, I take it I'll have to send it back to T-Mobile and get a refund?

Thanks for your help.


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I have the same problem with mine, the back key started playing up but now does not work at all.

Tried doing a screen calibration, but it fails when you have to click the cross in the bottom right of the screen.

It's a real pain, even more so as I bought it 2nd hand from eBay so have no way of returning to T-Mobile.

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