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Stephen Hyde

Official 2.2 Froyo Untouched

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ok ive posted this on one of the topics but ill post it directly now

this build is totally untouched and not edited by me at all, im simply uploading it as dell cant even make a working pkg file


extract this file on a pc and fastboot flash the 3 files then reboot streak

fastboot -i 0x413c flash boot boot.img

fastboot -i 0x413c flash system system.img

fastboot -i 0x413c flash amss amss.mbn

ill be updating my build with things off this one also soon

I am new here , but the link to the .zip is no longer up . can you possibly repost the files ?

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if you are trying to flash the stock ROM you should use the QDL tool as it is the easiest and faster method, HERE , there is also tutorials and other files that you might be interested in


I Have gone to this website however I cannot find the QDL tool. I registered and logged in and still cant find the QDL tool.

Can anyone please point me to the location to download?

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I try the file in this link: http://build2.streakdroid.com/amss-system-boot.zip but it's not available it take me to a truck site. Did you have another working link for this file to download?? Thanks in advance from Puerto Rico Island

This thread is ancient ;)


Scroll down to the list of roms.

Try 360 or 351

Or the latest rom for your carrier

Download the PKG version

How to install:

Copy the PKG to your SD card

Turn on the dell streak holding Volume up + Volume down + Power and select recovery option 2

Hope this helps

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