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Debranding guide for orange flipout easy guide

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Hi guys girls sorry i took so long to get this guide up had to find a few things first well this is a guide if you want to debrand your phone from orange to original firmware simfree. This will also remove the boot logo and the motionblur crap this guide can also be used if you have damaged your device and cannot get it to boot or damaged firmware shall we.

STEP 1 Download usb drivers here below


STEP 2 Download the debranded Firmware here (note you can also use the uk one with motionblur its your choice for debranded use the RUTEM_U3_01.14.2 Central Europe


STEP 3 Download RDSLite Latest is v4.5.3 here below


STEP 4 Install the USB Drivers and the RDSLite program and reboot PC

STEP 5 Extract the firmware file you downloaded a while ago to c:\Program files\Motorola\RSDLite place the folder you extracted there.

STEP 6 Start the RSDite program now where it says filename press the select area and find the downloaded firmware in c:\Program files\Motorola\RSDLite and select the (sbf) file some details will apear on the right hand side.

STEP 7 Now power down your phone and press the up button on the dpad and press the power button for 4 seconds and release the power button only you should see a bootmenu displayed reading the boot vershion and a simple battrey check etc.Now plug in your usb cable it should start loading usb driver wait for it to finish and your ready you should see where it says (port type) your usb connected in RDS Lite this means your ready to flash.

STEP 8 Press the start button on the RDS Lite and just relax while your device gets flashed,debranded etc. you will see a progress status on the right hand side wait till it reaches 100% but please do not disconect it will reboot the phone automaticly and restart the phone.And just wait untill android comes up and fully running untill you disconnect it should read (PLEASE START PHONE MANUALY) on RDS Lite when this shows it is safe to unplug.

STEP 9 Hopefully you now have a debranded phone and or unbricked your phone if it all went wrong for you please read carfully word by word and try the procedure again thankyou and enjoy.

Edited by jutley

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Good stuff here!

Question. Motorola MB502 Charm is a US (and recently India) only device that supposedly is identical to Flipout hardware-wise. Are there any de-branded images available for it?

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Tried this today, all completed nice and easily. Nice not to see MotoBlur defiling my phone with its presence ;)

Thanks Jutley!

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