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I just read the article about swearing but this topic makes me swear all the * time * @.

Why oh why oh why is it almost impossible toget a domain name you want.

Genuine people that need a particular domain name to do with the nature of their business are bent over a desk (sorry) by some url purchasing prat that doesn't do anything apart from sit their buying up domains.

After hours of trying to get somethin similar to my wanted domain I decided to actually start looking at what some of these website were being used for and do you know what?

one of them had a closed hand giving me the finger as a picture and below it read "This domain is not for sale, I purchased it so you can't have it"

I mean I know there is a law against this it goes along the lines of...

"a website can only be purchased and owned for a period of time by a particular owner aslong as it is being used for the purpose to which the title descibes or is intended"

Hmm now thats omnious ver omnious.

Why are hollywood allowed to buy a domain to promote a film then just keep it when its finished?

Why does companies/people just buy website willy nilly then when you approach them the reply "we are open to enquiries regarding our above mentioned website we are currently developing it and may consider serious offers into there in"

I must apologise but I really just wanted to voice my disgust that people cannot purchase a .co.uk address because someone thought they would use it to host pictures of their dog on it or try to sell it for £toomuch.

Instead they offered .info or .biz which suck.

I want to now purchase a top level domain but don't know how although one companty toldme that I can't because I am not allowed to do so.

It all SUCKS.

All i want is a nice www. address or a .something (not literally something) top level domain.

:x :cry: :evil: :evil: :cry: :x

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