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Bluetooth Transfer of Contacts problem

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having an issue hoping there is a solution.

I have a touch pro2. great phone. anyway I send my contacts to my sister new phone so she would not have to retype everything.

problem is it SPLITS my contacts. IE if I have a contact for ABCD Incorporated and have 3 phone numbers (home work fax say)

it SPLITS this into 3 SEPARATE contacts on her phone 1 for each number.

I thought this was her phone. Now I know its MY PHONE and windows mobile because I got myself another touch pro 2 (backup) and sent my contacts and it did the same thing. so its MY PHONE doing the splitting as its sending the info.

for now I use pimbackup. while that fixes my tp2 to tp2 issue it does not fix my send to OTHER phones problem with the splitting.

is there a way to fix this? is there a third party program that will send contact to any bluetooth phone without splitting (but INTACT ie with pictures and all still attached like it does normally)


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