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Please Help-Possible Bricked Phone

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Hey everyone,

I've flashed roms before, and never had any issues..I recently received my new nexus one from HTC due to the power button going out. So, I did the one click root method, with no issues....Well, I love Modaco. Been only using their ROMS. Well, I tried to follow the steps for the 22/Oct r24 - MoDaCo Custom ROM Desire Port for Nexus One with Online Kitchen (2.2 / Froyo). I followed the steps to a T! Now I'm stuck with the Nexus X boot screen and thats it. It wont even go to the animation. I can boot into recovery, but my nandroid backup that I did won't restore. I was using ROM MANAGER and using THE CW RECOVERY, but that was giving me issues. So, I used ROM MANAGER AND FLASHED RA's Recovery, and then followed the steps accordingly. Can anyone help me out? I have no clue what to do! please please please...i'm begging someone to be kind enough to help a mate out!! PLEASE ..sorry for the excessive begging but i'm just pissed off...thanks to all who reply!

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Be sure to verify the checksums on all your downloads.

I would try installing the latest 2.0.0 AmonRa using fastboot


Then update to the Froyo radio using fastboot


Then trying installing the "stock bar" version of this relatively stock ROM using Amon's recovery


**Of course wipe everything before flashing the ROM

The first boot after the flashing the ROM can take a long time so be patient. After you do the basic setup process let it come up fully and then reboot again using the power button before doing anything else.

Worth a try

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