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tethering with the vega

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Hope this isn't too much of a stupid question - I'm new to all of this tethering lark...erm....and also new to tablets and andriod!

Is there any way to tether my nokia E51 which run symbian S60 3rd edition to the vega so I can get 3g. It's something I'm hardly ever going to need but would be nice to have the option.

I found this app http://store.ovi.com/content/2900 but from what I've read it only presents the phone as an ad-hoc connection and I've read on here I need an infrastructure wi-fi spot. Does anyone know a symbian app that will do it or do I need a different phone?

Thanks for any help - I'm expecting my vega today assuming DHL deliver on saturdays - it says out for delivery on the tracking.



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There's an update that can make the Vega work with an ad-hoc access point. It works great with my Hero/G2.


Nice one - thanks - DHL didn't turn up today - I've heard that they are struggling and have a backlog of deliveries to get through so I can't try it yet.

I'll check it out as soon as it turns up and I've worked out how to get the Paul's update on.

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I can say that JoikuSpot is an excellent product and have used it with my windows netbook and an ipad. On an N96 and N8.

It creates a WEP (not WPA) ad-hoc network access point. I too, am very interested to see if this will work with the Vega. ( Christmas present. )

The link in the above post is for WPA which I don;t believe is applicable here, but I will not be able to find out until December 25th!!!!! ;)

A little more reading on the subject and it looks like the wpa_supplicant is also used for WEP encryption so if you try the above I would be interested to hear the results.


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Just waiting for delivery of my Vega, can anyone confirm whether BT DUN is an option?

I've tried Joiku in the past (the free version) but I've never managed to get it to work reliably on my e71

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