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HTC Desire Z

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I would like to know the best deals out there for around £15 a month.

I'm on Orange and can upgrade but Orange.co.uk don't have the HTC Desire Z, although I have seen it on other websites but not as upgrades (unless I pay £25 a month) so I could take a new contract out on Orange for £15 a month.

I want to use giffgaff so another cheaper deal I found was £10 a month on o2 (but not from the o2 website) and like the above, I would have to pay extra for the phone, which I don't mind. I don't want to be paying more for a contract, as I don't want to be tied into a contract like that.

I was thinking of getting the o2 deal as the phone is unlocked anyway, and then offering it for £5 a month to a member of family and paying the rest of the £5 myself so I can get giffgaff for £10 a month.

Anyway, so I would like your views on the phones. I have read many good things but a few days ago I started seeing reviews like difficulty of putting the phone down when ending a call (I guess you have to press something on the screen like other touch screens) but is there a way to give a button on the keyboard the ability to end a call? That doesn't bother me, but I also read about sending texts. People have been saying it takes ages for a text to send, and you can't go away from the sending text screen or it won't send. Is that true or were they perhaps confused as to how to use the phone? Good/negative eedback about the phone would help.

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